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How do you consolidate loans -Get a consolidation loan

December 17, 2019

We sometimes experience hard times. We have a lack of money and the needs are so urgent that they cannot be delayed. So we decide to take a short-term loan or payday loan. Yes, it saves us, but you have to pay it back as soon as possible to avoid increasing interest. Unfortunately, we do […]

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How to write off debt in the Tax Office

October 25, 2019

The Tax Office may apply a wide range of reliefs for repayment of financial arrears – for example, it may postpone repayment, divide it into installments, or even completely cancel the debt. What conditions should be met and what should be done to be able to obtain debt cancellation at the Tax Office? If a […]

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The 3 most effective methods to get rid of your debts

October 10, 2019

Many people are aware of the damage caused by debt much too late. This awareness will normally push you to consult an accountant who will tell you to go to a licensed insolvency trustee (formerly called a trustee in bankruptcy). Even if friends give you advice that you think is appropriate, do not take your […]

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Tips to help Mayfol students manage their debts

October 8, 2019

Students may have access not only to funding from a bank, but they may also have access to government assistance. In 2009-2010, more than 140,000 students benefited from repayable loans from the Government of Mayfol. As a scale, it is also important to note that the National Bank confirmed that the number of loans increased […]

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Interest rate loan – bullet mortgage calculation

October 6, 2019

Bank financing rates Surely you don’t settle your particular options and how to avoid that we will fix. Restructuring costs based on this type of personal loan. Both of these first information on personal loans under the period under consideration, but following a few dozen, with extreme caution the flexibility and duration is particularly low. […]

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