YYC’s new Mama Africa pop-up gives the city a taste of Africa

Alright folks, we bring good news! You know how much we are always on the lookout for great places to drink and dine. Well, we’ve just found the one that’s going to make winter a whole lot easier with its great food, delicious drinks, and unique vibe. Enter: Mom Africa!

The highly anticipated pop-up restaurant-bar will open its doors to the public on January 20. Ahead of its grand opening, we bring you exclusive details about 17th Avenue’s new temporary resident.

The pop-up restaurant is ready to take you on an Africa-wide food tour. And when we say Africa-wide, we mean Africa-wide. The menu offers specialties from all parts of Africa, whether it’s Arabic-inspired Northern dishes, Indian-influenced Eastern specialties, Dutch-infused Southern dishes or mixed Western delights. in Portugal.

Photos via Curiocity

In fact, you’ll spot plenty of African countries on the menu as well as their food and beverage specialties. Thus, there is Boerewors sausage from South Africa, alongside Tajine from Morocco and Injera from Ethiopia.

The same goes for drinks. There is Ruksa from Tanzania, Dawa from Kenya and Orijin from Nigeria.

While its spectacular, one-of-a-kind cuisine is certainly what kept us hooked, the pop-up has so much more to offer. Mom Africa will host different gastronomic and entertainment events throughout its stay. From Tuesday Suya (where you’ll find all the Suya beef) to African Brunch on the weekends to featured Sundays.

mom africa calgary
Photo via Curiocity

Feature Sundays are actually quite interesting. Thus, each Sunday (obviously) will be dedicated to a country. And you will find appetizers, drinks, dishes and desserts specific to that country. One hundred percent no joke!

Clearly, Mom Africais determined to give YYC the most elaborate taste of African cuisine we have ever experienced. And we, for one, are super excited.

The icing on the cake, there will be live entertainment from Friday to Sunday. With local African DJs rocking Afrobeats and Amapiano music, comedians and dancers, it goes without saying that the place is going to be LIT AF.

The only downside is that all that food and fun will only last a few weeks. So you might want to click on the pop-up as soon as you can. Here, look at their site here for their menu, reservations and other information.

Oh, and look at them instagram to show them some love or just for some drool-worthy photos.

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