What we’re grateful for in hockey in 2021

This Thursday is Thanksgiving, or as it’s called in the NHL, “American Thanksgiving”. That means it’s time for our own annual tradition here: what we are grateful for in hockey.

As it’s the first one we’ve done since the NHL returned to ESPN, we’ve decided to keep it in the family for this edition. Here are some of the voices, analysts, journalists, editors and producers behind our coverage of hockey, taking a moment to thank for what they value in the game and what the sport has given them.

Happy Holidays from your ESPN Hockey Family!

John Buccigross, host, “Le Point”

“I am grateful for all the ancillary parts of this great match which have enriched me and the lives of my children. The Zamboni pilots, the scoreboard operators, the referees who travel for the matches on Saturday morning at 7 hours. Assistant coaches who can’t skate but help pick up pucks at the end of practice and greet an 8 year old when he or she first gets that backskating crossover. stats who sits next to me when I call up an NHL game on ESPN. And moms screaming louder than everyone else in a nearly empty rink. Bar down, hands up, mum cry. I love you all. “

“There are so many things I’m grateful for. I think the most important thing now that I’m grateful for is that the arenas have regained their full capacity and the fans are back in theaters. the league. unbelievable to have returning fans. They make up a big part of the soundtrack in terms of the game-to-game, team-to-team experience. I am grateful to see them again in the building. As a broadcaster and a former player, it makes a huge difference to have fans in the building. “

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