Wallasey Restaurant Achieves New Food Hygiene Rating of Zero out of Five

A GREEK restaurant in Wallasey received the worst possible food hygiene rating following a board inspection.

Poseidon on Seaview Road, which describes itself as a “family business that serves the best quality Greek food,” received a zero star food hygiene rating after the November 3 inspection.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said all issues had been “fixed” and they were awaiting a further inspection.

Details posted on the Food Standards Agency’s website show that inspectors felt that “urgent improvement” and “major improvement” were needed in three areas of restaurant service.

The hygienic handling of food, including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storage, required “urgent improvement”, while the cleanliness and general condition of the facilities and the building would need ” major improvement ”.

“Major improvements” were also declared necessary in the management of food security.

A spokesperson for the restaurant said, “We have resolved all issues and are awaiting a re-inspection.”

Of the 606 restaurants, cafes and canteens in Wirral assessed, 423 (70%) have a score of five and only two have a score of zero.

Michael Harding, FSA’s Food Hygiene Rating System Manager, said: “The Food Hygiene Rating System helps people make wise choices about where to eat.

“It also prompts companies to improve and maintain a high rating, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

“All food companies are able to achieve the top rating of ‘5 – very good’ for doing what they are required to do under food law.

“75% of food companies have the best rating, 97% have a rating of 3 – generally satisfactory or better.

“Companies that receive low ratings need to make urgent or major improvements to hygiene standards. The local authority’s food safety officer has several enforcement options and provides advice and guidance to ensure that these improvements are made.

“The food safety manager will also tell the company how quickly these improvements need to be made and that will depend on the type of problem to be addressed.

“If the officer finds that a company’s hygiene standards are very poor and that there is an imminent risk to public health, when the food may be unsafe to eat, the officer should act to ensure protection. of consumers. This could cause part of the business to shut down or shut it down completely until it can safely resume.

“We encourage the public to look for the distinctive green and black stickers showing a company’s rating and if they don’t see one, they should ask. They can also search for ratings at food.gov.uk/ratings. ”

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