Urban Meyer’s “criteria for struggling teams” graphic goes viral


Urban Meyer’s first year in the NFL left a lot to be desired. After a 20-0 loss to the Titans on Sunday, the Jaguars are just 2-11.

Meyer, who had not been a coach since 2018 – his last season at Ohio State – when he took over from Jacksonville, has been criticized throughout his brief tenure.

During the offseason, the team had their brief dance with retired quarterback turned tight end Tim Tebow. Midway through the season, Meyer found himself under close scrutiny after a video released of his dancing with a young woman at a bar in the Columbus, Ohio area. The video was filmed after the Jaguars’ loss to the Bengals when Meyer skipped the team’s flight to Florida to attend the event.

Last week, reports revealed Meyer blew up his assistant coaches, calling them “losers” and “forcing them to defend their resumes.” Even the generally mild-mannered Trevor Lawrence publicly took issue with the Jags’ limited use of running back James Robinson, saying he “has to be on the court.”

Following the loss to the Titans, the struggling coach barely recognized Mike Vrabel, his former Ohio State assistant, and had a one-on-one encounter with owner Shad Khan after the game, which doesn’t seem like a good sign.

When Meyer was hired, there was a lot of talk about how he would reform the “locker room culture” in Jacksonville. Sunday afternoon, Illustrated sportsRichard Johnson shared a screenshot of Meyer’s time at Fox Sports, where he shared his three “criteria to consider for struggling teams.” Certainly looks like the Jaguars are three for three here.

“Anytime I’ve had a team fight, it falls into one of three categories,” Meyer told Fox in November 2020. “Number one: There’s a trust issue. The players don’t do it. not trust the coach, the coach doesn’t trust the players or hideous when the players don’t trust each other. Number two: This is called a dysfunctional work environment where expectations are very high, but we don’t Don’t work hard. The coach has to be very clear with his team, say, “Wait a minute, this is going to lead to frustration, anger, disappointment because we want to win a championship. I got news, guys, we don’t work hard, so stop with the … expectations. “Your work ethic has to exceed or meet your expectations. It’s a good environment.

“And the last one is really obvious. You have a selfish team, man. You have problems in your team. Football is a selfless sport. It means you have to play the bad guy. It means that I am a running back; I have to go protect my quarterback. You can’t always carry the ball. Sometimes you have to run on a 22 mph kickoff and throw yourself at someone running 15 mph in the other direction. It’s not fun, why would you do that? Because you love your team and your teammates.

Meyer says he doesn’t think these issues usually come from players or coaches and offered one final piece of advice that now, over a year later, he may have to meet again.

“There is something wrong. Lift the hood, find out,” Meyer said. “One of those three things is usually the reason.”

Time will tell what Meyer finds when he lifts the hood of a team of Jaguars that certainly appear to have potential trust issues and, if the report of his reprimands to his assistants is correct, a dysfunctional environment, if not all three. of these problems.

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