Upstate Bar Moves To Help Long-Time Customer After Tragic Accident | New


INMAN, SC (FOX Caroline) – “My accident happened on September 11 of all dates. I had a below knee amputation, and I also had all kinds of facial changes upstairs, ”said Brendan Conway, describing a life-changing car crash this year.

Conway says it’s been an emotional roller coaster. He says his wreck is something he thinks about every day.

“Thinking of ‘What if I did this? Should I have done this? You try to change everything, but once you’ve learned to be able to exclude what’s going on, you can start to keep going and moving forward, ”he told Fox Carolina.

But moving forward is not always as easy as it seems. He says this was evident in his discomfort playing his favorite sport, darts, after the accident.

“He and his dad started coming here when we hosted our first initial darts event in January,” said Lisa Keene, co-owner of Action Billiards. “We’ve known them for about a year.”

Lisa, who runs the bar with her husband Scott, says they agree to organize a fundraiser for Brendan at their facility in Inman after his accident. But they didn’t stop there.

“We were talking one night, and Scott was like, you know, I really think we should take one of those boards and put it down.”

It was a seemingly minor gesture, but one that Brendan said meant the world.

“I firmly believe that when you see kindness, you can act on kindness, and you can accomplish kindness,” Conway said.

Keene says Brendan’s injury really opened their eyes to making their facility more disabled-friendly, and it also opened the door for aspiring young players like Rylee Windham – who says he and Brendan have since played together. on a board at their level.

“It made things a lot cooler and easier,” Windham said. “Because I can shoot straight and it goes a lot straighter. I just had to throw high all the years I played, ”said the 11-year-old.

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