UK restaurant applying £3 as ‘baby service charge’

It is almost a task for the parents with toddlers to be in public places and keep it all together. If you really think about it, it’s not always very comforting for children either. And even though there’s not much we can do to help, we can still try to be decent human beings and have empathy. And a recent restaurant policy in the UK has people questioning the place.

A Chinese buffet restaurant, Panda Garden, in the UK, had shared an elaborate meal Facebook publishes that they will apply £3 as a ‘baby service charge’. As a clarification, they had mentioned that high chairs for children were also expensive for them and provided space where an adult could have been seated.

high chairs aren’t free, nor is labor and indeed food. We pay the opportunity cost of reserving a seat for an infant where an adult could have been seated

The owners also added that they pay staff to clean up after the children’s “mess”. Some people, especially parents, weren’t too happy with the policy, mentioning that adults aren’t charged extra for spilling. The restaurant announced these changes after a renovation, and although they were much appreciated, the policy did not suit all customers.

We also pay the staff to clean up after their messes. Therefore, a £3 charge will apply.

While the restaurant expects customers to cooperate, they expect the same.

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