This Laval restaurant has a fortune tree as grand and impressive as its tapas menu

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Montreal restaurants certainly know what’s going on, but a quick trip over the bridge to Laval will introduce you to a whole new list of must-visit spots, including Resto Bar Gōn Būi located at Carrefour.

Restaurant Laval opened in December 2021 and has been a hot spot ever since!

Resto delish “is a new Chinese resto-bar inspired by lost temples in China,” as their Facebook page describes it. “We’ve created our own neo-Asian tapas dishes, inspired by tradition with a playful twist.”

Resto Bar Gōn Būi serves a stellar menu curated by Executive Chef, David Chhay, and the best part of it all is that you can enjoy their delicious dishes surrounded by the majestic Gōn Būi fortune tree located right in the center of the dining room. .

The tree of fortune in the resto-bar.mike chaer | MTLBlog

While on a date with my mum, we couldn’t help but admire the colorful and cheerful decor and ambiance, which certainly made us feel good and comfortable.

The only thing more impressive than the vibrant atmosphere was the food. With an array of dishes to choose from, you won’t feel overwhelmed by their simple, classic menu.

I went for a few of their “Night Market” dishes including their bang bang chicken, papaya salad and fried calamari.

Verdict? Absolutely succulent.

Dishes at the restaurant-bar.Dishes at the restaurant-bar.mike chaer | MTLBlog

The popcorn chicken bites were the perfect amount of crispiness and the side sauce matched perfectly.

As for the calamari, the seasoning was on point. Mixed in with a handful of grilled vegetables, the calamari offered explosive flavor in every bite and was easily my favorite dish.

Resto Bar Gōn Būi also offers a “Noodle Bar” menu with choices such as udon with duck egg batter and bacon, or Dan Dan-style noodles with beef and a poached egg. Mmm…

You also have a menu to share with ribs, Peking duck, salmon and salt cod fried rice. I had no choice but to go for the rice choice as cod is just one of my favorite fish.

The dish of rice and cod.The dish of rice and cod.mike chaer | MTLBlog

The fried rice was a perfect match, not to mention the Chinese sausage, which was really the ingredient that held the whole dish together.

While we were more than stuffed there was obviously room for dessert. We opted for the churros, but they weren’t just your typical churros.

Strawberry and whipped cream churros.mike chaer | MTLBlog

The churros were chewier and were topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Uh, yum!

The dessert had a nice crunch on the outside and a moist, steaming batter on the inside, making it the perfect dish to end our meal.

If you’re looking for a place to not only soothe your stomach, but also your eyes, then Resto Bar Gōn Būi is a must visit.

Resto Bar Gōn Būi

The restaurant-bar.

The restaurant-bar.

mike chaer | MTLBlog

Price: 💸

Food: Neo-Asian tapas

Address: 2133, boul. Le Carrefour, Laval, QC


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