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By Abhigyan Neogi

When the sun rises and people want to start their day with some sunshine, fresh air and rejuvenation, outdoor dining is immediately on the menu. Outdoor dining spaces are trendy and will continue to be. Organizing the perfect outdoor setting is trending in restaurants across the country in addition to dining alternatives. This encompasses both indoor and outdoor environments such as porches, patios, yards, decks, pool decks, rooftops, etc. These environments try to improve dining options in restaurants where diners can enjoy the atmosphere while enjoying a delicious meal. Chromed Design Studio designs spaces that reflect this notion, keeping in mind the trend of customers choosing outdoor dining alternatives that follow the latest dining trends.

Raise the roof
Over the last couple of decades or so, many rooftop venues have sprouted into subways in many malls. Roof spaces are ideal for living rooms and gardens and can be developed as multifunctional spaces. Roofs can be protected from outdoor conditions by semi-shaded elements such as pergolas, cabanas and gazebos, which allow for creativity at will.

I contributed to this concept and designed many spaces, including El Chico in Allahabad. The configuration of the dining room aims to imbue the feeling of “dining under the stars”; a one-of-a-kind experience with a distinctive view of the Allahabad skyline offering peace and tranquility. The roof space takes up the concept of fine dining spaces, with the addition of cabana-style seating to provide adequate coverage.

Another alternative is ‘We’ designed by us, which features an ambience of contrast through its fusion of a muted milieu and vibrant furnishings. With shades ranging from gold and brass to bold wine, one can’t help but gaze at exuberant royalty with unusual offbeat twists. Housing outdoor space to cater for all kinds of get-togethers, the design scheme portrays a tranquil environment through wraparound planters and paved ground.

At night in the outdoor settings
Extending the use of outdoor spaces beyond daylight hours is another interior design trend for outdoor spaces. To achieve the ambiance of an early and late night dinner, good lighting is essential, enhancing the atmosphere and bringing contentment. Make sure there is adequate lighting in all spaces so people can move around and function more efficiently, eliminating boredom in these areas.

A similar concept was integrated into one of our projects for 1 Oak Café. It’s a picture-perfect space, with pale pink hues and French windows adorned with tall sheer curtains that roll out views of the adjacent open-plan dining room as well as plush custom interiors that give this cafe-bar an ambience. welcoming but luxurious. The outdoor area is equipped with comfortable seats specially designed for lounging. From dusk till dawn, the space’s reflective chrome walls and elaborate chandeliers create an eclectic atmosphere.

Multifunctional outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces have become multifunctional over time. From open bar counters to various seating arrangements, outdoor spaces can be altered to suit one’s choice or the type of event taking place. We have created a cutting-edge cocktail bar and restaurant for Sutra Gastropub, which is located on a freestanding property and spans an area of ​​19,000 square feet. This stunning space is a classic yet eclectic fusion of many design styles. The alluring idea of ​​bridging the gap between current millennial and classic dining styles inspired the development. The metal staircase connects the exterior configuration, where there is a feature wall incorporating brass squares with icon cutouts. A one-of-a-kind chandelier illuminates the general approach leading to the patio. The outdoor space is divided into levels, encouraging guests to walk through it and discover the multifunctional setting. The wooden pergolas contain a separate bar area, perfectly consistent with the bar area on the ground floor. An amphitheater built here features lush greenery and soothing lights, producing a mystical environment all around. The open space is split into levels with pebbled flooring and cabana seating, creating a distinct area with a totally different vibe to the rest of the decor.

The intersection of indoor and outdoor spaces
Improved connectivity with adjacent indoor spaces is an important design concept for outdoor spaces. The connection between the interior spaces established on the exterior is reinforced by eliminating the barriers between the two spaces and using cohesive finishes and details. Open views to exterior sites also promote increased efficiency.

Skye, the self-designed resto-bar in Moradabad, is poised to boost the city’s nightlife with a chill vibe that lets customers relax and have a good time. The rooftop lounge adheres to a modern and contemporary style aimed at the city’s local crowd who like to experience the flip side at night. The rooftop lounge offers indoor and outdoor dining options, as well as a terrace that serves as a balcony overlooking the tranquil metropolis. There are several architectural details incorporated into the design that enhance the overall spatial feel of the living room. The stunning yet exquisite design of the lounge features a distinct indoor and outdoor bar, cabana style seating and dramatic lighting. The cabanas are stylishly arranged on the outer walls of the outdoor space, around a distinctive circular bar which adds to the modern design of the setting. The interior space, which includes seating, a bar and restrooms, slowly unfolds into a large open space, revealing a stage and an adjacent outdoor bar.

Outdoor space details
Outdoor spaces require the same attention to detail as indoor spaces. For outdoor spaces, less is more, but finishes can make a big difference. Art installations and decorations outside add aesthetic interest. Green elements like potted plants or the flora around them can be used as accessories. Sculptural components, colorful umbrellas, and ornamental lighting are additional alternatives. The color scheme should align with the design narrative of the space which can help create a sense of character in the space.

Papa in Bengaluru is the representation of this concept, created by me. It covers two floors and more than 18,000 square feet in total, including a terrace.

The thoughtfully constructed terrace adds a lush, fresh and vibrant ambience to the setting. Its lucid and restrained demeanor is integrated with pleasant furnishings and simple use of materials, creating an unconstrained and airy mood in the environment. An atmosphere of character is created by the contrast of the floor between yellow, gray and white. The display of protruding horse sculptures in red and blue and plaques etched with colorful graphics give the walls an unconventional appeal. The terrace bar, which serves as a focal point, features colorful graphic posters under the counter, which add to the existing dynamic atmosphere. Plants hang from pendant lights to establish a link between the built environment, users and the natural environment.

Additionally, the venue has a balcony with a monochromatic patterned tiled floor that produces a hallucination-like effect. To illuminate and enhance the setting, the lighting in this place mimics the particular shapes of the birds. With all its eccentricities, Daddy creates a confluence of exuberant design components.

Outdoor space is paramount to enlivening a space and enhancing the customer experience, and at chromed we ensure that every customer experiences our unique spatial design and handpicked décor.

The author is the founder and lead architect of Chromed Design Studio.

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