The names of Steam Achievements can be excruciatingly long, find out Cookie Clicker


The names of accomplishments often seem like an afterthought. Usually forgettable, at best a slightly funny pun sounding across your screen as a reward for collecting 15 trinkets. But it turns out that Steam’s cheevos can let you store more than just a gag, a fact the developers of Cookie Clicker are well aware of.

Cookie Clicker recently made the jump to Steam, and as such sports have new features like cloud saves and Steam Achievements. But as digital artist Kha noted on Twitter, the developers of Cookie Clicker seem to have discovered that Steam’s accomplishments have a surprisingly long character limit, far beyond what could ever fit in that tiny pop-up. in the corner of your screen.

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There is a comedic burst to the way the achievement bleeds from the page in the tweet above. But there’s more than that, providing a brief Wikipedia summary of Nabisco founder Adolphus W. Green, in a friendly, yet pragmatic tone. In full, it reads as follows:

“There really is no limit to the length of these successful names and to be completely honest I’m quite curious how far we can go. Adolphus W. Green (1844-1917) started in as principal of the Groton School in 1864. In 1865 he became the second assistant librarian at the New York Mercantile Library. From 1867 to 1869 he was promoted to full librarian. From 1869 to 1873 he worked for Evarts, Southmayd & Choate, a law firm co-founded by William M. Evarts, Charles Ferdinand Southmayd and Joseph Hodges Choate.He was called to the New York State Bar in 1873. Anyway, how was your day ?”

At the time of writing, only 5.9% of players have unlocked the achievement, which was awarded for baking 10 sextillion cookies per second.

Despite being eight years old, Cookie Clicker is still holding up. The game quickly reached an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam, proof that while a lot may have changed over the past 10 years, our collective desire to see the numbers increase (no matter how arbitrary those numbers may be). ) remains as strong as ever. .

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