The Five Best Chinese Restaurants in Pembrokeshire, According to TripAdvisor

Last weekend we took a look at which of the best curry houses in Pembrokeshire were the best, according to popular destination review website TripAdvisor.

Sticking with Asian cuisine, Pembrokeshire is no stranger to a Chinese restaurant, with many resident in towns and villages across the county, but which one ranks number one?

With over 1,000 reviews and nearly three-quarters rating it “excellent,” Pentlepoir’s Dragon Palace reigns supreme as the county’s top TripAdvisor-rated Chinese restaurant.

Pembrokeshire’s second highest rated Chinese restaurant is across the county in Fishguard, with Spices Chinese Restaurant earning five stars for food, service and value.

Also at Fishguard, China Chef comes third, with one customer saying, “We order here every week and we’ve never had a bad order. Great service, friendly staff and always the nicest and tastiest food.

Coming back to the other side of Pembrokeshire, fourth place on TripAdvisor’s list is China Town in Tenby, with over 100 reviews rating the restaurant as “excellent” on the website scale.

Rounding out the top five is another Tenby restaurant, Tasty Café, with the restaurant scoring 4.5 out of five stars for its food and service to Pembrokeshire residents.

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