The Chocolate Bar of Houston Announces Second Location, Winfield’s Chocolate Bar, in River Oaks

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Photo by Greg Morago

Houston’s sweetheart The chocolate bar is preparing a new second location under a new name for a summer opening in the River Oaks neighborhood.

Chocolate Bar president Molly Voorhees, who also owns Becks Prime restaurants, has announced that she will open Winfield chocolate bar at 2411 W. Alabama at the Center in River Oaks. Winfield’s will offer the same chocolates, cakes, cookies and ice cream as The Chocolate Bar, but will have a new name (for Voorhees’ father and Pecks Prime co-founder Win Campbell). The current Chocolate Bar at University 2521 in Rice Village will keep its name.

The Chocolate Bar owner will open Winfield's Chocolate Bar this summer at the Center at River Oaks.
The Chocolate Bar owner will open Winfield’s Chocolate Bar this summer at the Center at River Oaks.Becca Wright

When The Chocolate Bar at 1835 W. Alabama is closed in August 2021, he announced he was planning a new location. Winfield’s, which will open this summer, is the promised new store. While Winfield’s will carry the same Chocolate Bar products, the new location will sport a new look as well as a new name. The planned 1,778 square foot store will be designed by Sean Garrison and Levi Lemaster of Garrison Design Office.

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