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In today’s restaurant and grocery store tech news, Starbucks is considering using Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology for cashless stores, and Walmart is taking automated grocery processing a step further. Additionally, Deglin Kenealy, Founder, CEO and President of Automated Pizza Kitchen Creator Basil Street Pizza, predicts the future of vending machine-powered Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs).

Starbucks Eyes Cashierless Stores with help from Amazon

Starbucks is in talks with Amazon to create a new type of coffeehouse with Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, allowing customers to purchase items without going through a regular checkout, GeekWire reported. However, the document, first reported by Insider on Tuesday, October 19, says the partnership is not yet guaranteed.

Grocers Aim to Escape E-Commerce Labor Constraints Through Automated Fulfillment

With the increase in online orders requiring more labor from grocers, such as picking and packing, at a time when the industry is experiencing staff shortages, many grocers are turning to the microfulfillment and other automated solutions. On Monday, October 20, Walmart, the world’s largest grocer, announced details of its upcoming automated grocery distribution center.

Deliveroo doubles its Premium membership with Amazon Prime partnership

As restaurant aggregators hack it to retain consumers amid a growing desire for on-demand delivery, a competitor is coming back to the source. Many attribute the growth of the on-demand economy to the rise of Amazon, and the UK-based restaurant and grocery delivery service, Deliveroo, taps into customers seeking Amazon amenities for develop its base of premium members.

Automated kiosks Quick QSR service

With restaurants struggling to staff their stores, automation is coming to meet consumer demand. Deglin Kenealy, founder, CEO and president of automated pizza kitchen creator Basil Street Pizza, predicts at PYMNTS that by 2031 robotic vending machines will meet consumers’ needs for fast and convenient dining.



On: Forty-seven percent of U.S. consumers avoid digital-only banks due to data security concerns, despite considerable interest in these services. In Digital Banking: The Brewing Battle For Where We Will Bank, PYMNTS surveyed over 2,200 consumers to reveal how digital-only banks can boost privacy and security while providing convenient services to meet this unmet demand.

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