Staff at Snobby Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et restaurant in London looked up at £ 10 tip in front of surprised diners

The posh SALT Bae staff declined a £ 10 tip, said a surprised diner.

Instagram sensation’s London restaurant has made a name for itself with its pricey menu as diners splash out to eat the impressive £ 1,450 gold-coated steak.


Customers have repeatedly complained about their experiences at London’s Salt Bae restaurant saying it was worse than a WetherspoonsCredit: social media – Refer to source

But a customer said he was shocked after visiting the popular restaurant when staff declined his tip.

A guest, Matthew Hynes, wrote on TripAdvisor: “The only reason we came here was to prove it was popular because of the hype.

“We only give 30 minutes to finish the meal with a service that can only be qualified as robotic and bogus.

“The steak had little flavor and we had better steaks at Wetherspoons on steak day!

“And to top it off the waiter asked us if a tip was possible. When we offered £ 10 they turned it down and shook their heads.

“Continue the great Salt Bae act.”

However, it’s no wonder the staff weren’t impressed – with diners tipping Salt Bae himself with a £ 2,000 box of cigars.

And with hungry steak lovers dropping huge amounts on dishes, they often face jaw-dropping service charges.

An invoice from the restaurant revealed that the restaurant had charged some diners £ 5,000 for the service on their enticing receipt.

Salt Bae became a meme sensation in 2017, before opening steakhouses across the world, including London.

Celebrities have flocked to Knightsbridge’s flagship restaurant, including stars Wayne Rooney and TOWIE.

However, Salt Bae has been the target of numerous complaints, with some customers shocked at their £ 37,000 food bill.

Recently, several other diners took to TripAdvisor to complain about being turned down and having celebrations like birthdays spoiled despite reservations.

One of them wrote: “We booked a table for 8, got a confirmation then got there and told we didn’t have a reservation.

“It was booked 8 weeks ago and it was for a birthday. I’m so furious the service is disgusting.

“Don’t bother / waste your time.”

Previously, couples had even said it was cheaper to fly to their Turkish restaurant than to pay the prices for their flagship product in London.

Some of the restaurant’s specialties include a Golden Burger for £ 100, Golden Giant Tomahwak Steak for £ 1,450, Golden Giant Striplion for £ 1,350 and Golden Kafes for £ 500.

But the boss of the London restaurant recently admitted that the gold leaf on their £ 1,450 steaks doesn’t really improve the taste.

Salt Bae Рreal name Nusret G̦k̤e Рnow has 28 restaurants to his name and he is currently in Saudi Arabia overseeing the opening of his latest restaurant.

Restaurant received mixed reviews


Restaurant received mixed reviewsCredit: Getty
Salt Bae now has 28 restaurants and is currently in Saudi Arabia overseeing the opening of its latest location.


Salt Bae now has 28 restaurants and is currently in Saudi Arabia overseeing the opening of its latest location.Credit: theodolls / Instagram

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