Shefflin prepares charges in Galway for bar-setters

HENRY Shefflin wants his Galway proteges to rise to the “massive” challenge presented by Limerick in Sunday’s All-Ireland semi-final.

After losing the Leinster final to Kilkenny, Shefflin sat down to watch the Limerick-Clare Munster final the following day and was stunned by what he witnessed.

“We’re exhausted after today so thoughts of Limerick straight away, it’s going to be tough. We know we are the underdogs, they have a fabulous squad and we saw what they did in the Munster final.

“We were so disappointed after our performance in the Leinster final and to turn on the TV and watch the Munster final, my god, that’s what we want to try and achieve. But we have a chance, we’re here. and we’re going to learn a lot from today. We’re going to try to recover and prepare for two weeks.

Shefflin envisioned Galway reaching the last four but are well aware of what they face to qualify for the final. “Of course I would have (considered) because there are great pitchers out there and you’ve seen it in parts of their game. There’s a little transition going on, but I just think that that’s where we have to aim and there’s no point in reaching the last four unless we can deliver even greater performance and performance, and we know that.

“We’re not stupid, we’re playing the All-Ireland champions for three games in a row, so that’s how it is, and it’s the sport we love, a challenge, so let’s face it.”

Shefflin on Saturday applauded the honesty of players like 2017 All-Ireland winning captain David Burke, who informed him when he was ready to be benched.

“He’s been a fabulous leader for his club first and foremost for his county, and he’s gotten himself into a really good shape. He takes very good care of himself and that’s just the way he does it. takes in. I think it’s his love for the game and the way he thinks about the game and how he can just go out and play.

“He got two vital scores and even at the end he came up to me and said, ‘Look, I can do another minute or two, but I’m gone then’, and I think he’s easy to say, ‘I’ll hang in there, I’ll stay here’, and that’s a testament to the character and the player he is.”

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