Restaurant workers caught on camera collecting meat thrown in dumpster


MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) – Photos from the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department show what a sanitation specialist saw after a health inspection on September 27, 2021, at New China Chef in stores across Arrowhead Point at the corner of Perrysburg-Holland and Heatherdowns.

According to the report, the sanitation official, “Observed a bowl of raw beef standing at 73 degrees observed a tray of raw chicken stored on the floor, under the prep table, standing at 55 degrees. Raw beef observed, raw shrimp, raw chicken, raw shell eggs and cabbage cut in the manufacturing table, at 46.7 degrees. PIC placed the table item in the cold room and first tossed the beef and chicken in the dumpster outside. Observation of the captain and another employee removing the beef and chicken from the dumpster and returning them to the facility (pictures attached). I threw in the beef and chicken a second time and had the pic poured over it to make sure it didn’t get scooped a second time.

Photos taken from a vehicle behind the building show the sanitation point of view. The report adds:

After completing the inspection, the person in charge and another employee were observed entering the dumpster and taking away the raw beef and raw chicken discarded outside and inside the facility. Upon returning to the facility to ensure public safety and the items were removed immediately, it was observed that the wanton items thrown into the bin were also removed and appeared to be ready for storage / service. All of the items were taken out of the trash again and bleach was poured over them to ensure the facility would not remove them from the trash a second time and attempt to serve them to the public.

13abc spoke over the phone with an official from New China Chef. He says the workers did not collect the meat, they brought back the containers with the meat so that they could be reused in the restaurant.

As for the wontons, the manager never mentioned them.

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