Reign Restaurant Owner Responds to St. Louis Closure Order


Owner Dana Kelly said she found out from media that her business had been closed for a year and had 30 days to leave.

ST. LOUIS – Business owners and residents of Washington Avenue are pointing fingers at Restaurant Reign for rising violence in the downtown core. Employees say what goes on the outside is not what goes on the inside.

“You’re going to love your experience the moment you walk in and see my big face say ‘Hello, welcome to Reign, do you have reservations today?’” Said host Chris Lucas.

“Reign has truly been the best job I have ever had,” said waiter Kelly H.

Reign closed on September 10 after their liquor license was temporarily suspended during the hearing to the detriment of the city, which had a financial impact on more than 80 employees.

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“It affected me a bit financially because I’m not going to lie, in one night in Reign I could make enough money to pay my entire rent bill,” said waiter Brittney Reed.

Owner Dana Kelly now faces a year-long shutdown following an order issued by the city on Friday saying the restaurant has failed to curb behavior harmful to property.

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“The fact that they can do this at my restaurant without any citation or any real or substantiated evidence against me is heartbreaking,” Kelly said.

The order stated that Kelly had 30 days to put up the windows and doors and vacate the property, which was news to her.

“I put my life savings in this downtown area here, and the fact that I have to hear a reporter say they’re taking it away from me is sickening,” Kelly said.

Kelly firmly maintains her position that violence never happened inside her venue and has continued in other downtown areas since their closure.

“Something is happening here and here and here, but only we are closed, like why is this happening?” Kelly said.

She is working with her legal team to fight the new order. Reign’s COO Alex Sampson is asking city leaders to meet so they can come to a compromise.

“Put everyone on one page, then figure out what works for companies as unique as Reign, because we’re still Washington’s biggest restaurant and bar. So you cannot rule this place the same way you do. rule a place that holds 50 people, ”Sampson said.

The town’s shutdown order stated that a nuisance notice letter had been posted at the restaurant on September 15.

The city said calls from police departments have since increased.

We have contacted the Ministry of Public Security to clarify the order and are still awaiting a response.

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