Qwick Expands On-Demand Recruitment Platform to Los Angeles Area |

Qwick will provide quality, reliable talent to thousands of hospitality businesses across the city and high quality jobs to thousands of service professionals.


Qwick, the on-demand recruiting platform for the food and beverage industry, has announced its upcoming arrival in the vibrant Los Angeles hospitality industry. It is the company’s 11th operating city and second in California, after San Diego.

Amid nationwide staff shortages severely affecting the service sector and after 2020, a year in which nearly 400,000 people in LA County lost their jobs, Qwick will provide quality and reliable talent to the thousands of employees. hospitality businesses and high-quality jobs for thousands of service professionals.

“We’ve had an eye on LA for a long time and we look forward to finally making our debut in one of the most hospitality-oriented cities in the world,” said Jamie Baxter, CEO and Co-Founder of Qwick. “From launch, we’re targeting Central LA, but we look forward to activating other areas of the city based on business and professional interest. We are confident that Qwick will be a huge resource for this bustling city as hospitality businesses face labor shortages and professionals in the service industry get back to work.

A number of decisions were made to select LA as Qwick’s next market. “Unquestionably the entertainment capital of the world, hospitality and tourism are at the heart of LA’s economy,” said Greg Harrison, Director of Launch at Qwick. “We wanted to have the most impact with our next launch, so we’re excited to bring Qwick to a city with hundreds of thousands of hospitality professionals ready to work and thousands of restaurants, country clubs, casinos, hotels and catering companies that are in dire need of staff.

Qwick is already starting to onboard its first pre-qualified food and beverage professionals in LA and currently has 1,400 registered on the platform in just weeks of market building. The company works with its business partners to pay above the minimum wage in every market it operates in and its average hourly wage in Los Angeles is $ 20.74. The company has also already partnered with several reputable business partners in Los Angeles, helping them reduce labor or recruiting costs and enabling them to address chronic staff shortages.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Qwick has experienced exponential growth and remarkable
return of its business partners to Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas, Houston, New York, Miami, Orlando,
Tampa, Chicago and Atlanta. In August 2021, the company announced a 1608% increase in revenue
compared to August 2020, an average growth of 37% month over month and the “best months
never ”in July and August. Already launched in Chicago, Tampa and Orlando this year, Qwick is
rapid growth to meet demand and the company will expand into two additional markets by the end
of the year.

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