Popular restaurant launches glamping holiday pods and spa resort plan for rugged Ayrshire countryside

Glamping holiday pods and a beauty treatment center could be erected on the grounds of a popular Ayrshire restaurant.

Plans have been submitted to North Ayrshire Council to create a mixed-use facility at Scotch and Rib-aye in Lugton, Kilmarnock.

Restaurant chefs want permission to erect 10 pods and a beauty spa area in the existing car park and garden of the restaurant, known locally as “The Canny Man”.

If the green light is given, it is expected that between 6 and 10 jobs will be created.

Drawings filed with the local authority show proposals for a row of connected modules covering 144 square metres.

The beauty center, including a sauna and treatment rooms, measures 134 square meters. Both buildings would be single-storey pre-engineered structures.

Vacation Module Drawings

Documents show that work has already started on the site, with candidate David Milne requesting partial retrospective permission to allow development to resume.

Explaining why work had started before the planning application, Mr Milne said: ‘We had been led to believe that as the new buildings were being erected using shipping containers, they would be considered permitted development until unless we receive advice to the contrary after the work has started.”

The road chiefs have already been consulted on the plans and have raised no objections.

They say there is sufficient parking and turning within the site boundaries to accommodate the proposed development without impacting the adjacent public road network.

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