On June 13, National rapper Doe B Day, signed by TI



  • ‘Doe B’ was a rapper born in Montgomery, AL, best known for his musical collaborations with famous rapper TI, and signed to TI’s Atlanta-based label, Grand Hustle.
  • Doe B’s mother, Shirley Thomas, met with world leader, equality advocate and successful vacation founder Greshun De Bouse, and asked her to set up a vacation for her son.
  • National Doe B Day is celebrated on June 13 in memory of rapper Glenn Thomas, for raising awareness of gun violence and promoting gun safety.

June 13 is just another day for some, but that’s it for many who personally knew or knew the musical art of this emerging rapper from Grand Hustle. Glenn Thomas, known professionally as “Doe B,” was a rapper born in Montgomery, AL best known for his signature eye patch, his musical collaborations with famous rapper TI, and his signing on the TI based label. in Atlanta, Grand Hustle. He has appeared on MTV, BET, and 106 & Park. Tragically, on December 28, 2013, Doe B was shot dead at Centennial Hill Bar & Grill in his hometown of Montgomery, AL. This burgeoning musical phenomenon is said to have been picked up too soon by friends, family and fans. Rapper TI had this to say about Doe B at his funeral, according to Vibe magazine.

“It’s very rare that you find someone at the age of 20 or 21 and you can bring them into the room with a Nelly, or you could bring them into a room with a Timbaland or a Jay Z. , and they don’t lose their cool, they ‘are composed, posed, with morals, standards, principles … I want everyone to know that one thing that I will never do, I will never leave “this man’s hard work goes to waste. I will never let his life be lived in vain. All my resources, all my connections, all my effort, all my energy will be put into making sure his dream lives on.”

Unfortunately, since her son’s death, Doe B’s mother, Shirley Thomas, wanted to release Doe B’s music among other things, but it never seemed to happen.

Greshun De Bouse, founder of National Doe B Day, and Doe B’s mother, Shirley Thomas.

In comes the savior

After 7 long years, in 2020 the mother of Doe B Shirley Thomas met Greshun De Bouse, global leader, advocate for equality and founder of successful vacations., and asked him to establish a holiday for his son. As always, Greshun De Bouse successfully founded the National Doe B Day, interchangeably called Doe B Day.

Celebrating June 13 every year, National Doe B Day commemorates rapper Glenn Thomas, raising awareness of gun violence and promoting gun safety. When asked how National Deer Day should be celebrated, De Bouse said:

Doe B’s mother has told me many times how it was her dream to have her son’s collection of unreleased music heard and supported, so that his voice and legacy would endure. This music release dream came true in late 2020. Therefore, I would say the best way to celebrate National Doe B Day 2021 and make the other part of Doe B’s mother dream come true – among violence Army and Gun Safety Awareness – is to support the musical art of Doe B.

Centennial Hill Bar & Grill closed after Doe B was killed there. Happy National Doe Day. Rip Doe B.


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