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A new luxury food truck on the north side of Schenectady – Crazy House Barbecue – serves homemade food at a time when the pandemic has done a catering job for both sit-down restaurants and walk-in food trucks.

But townspeople Gladys and Thomas Fogarty saw an opportunity and opened their new food truck on Maxon Road Extension where they cook and serve homemade barbecues and other delicacies from their mobile kitchen.

Their Crazy House Barbecue is one of only 32 active mobile licenses in Schenectady County that covers food trucks, carts and trailers. After a tedious bureaucratic process and a complex inspection, the Fogartys were able to obtain the necessary permits to obtain a full license.

Although Thomas and Gladys both prepare the food, Thomas maintains that Gladys is the face of the operation. The entire Crazy House Barbecue menu is prepared by the couple. The Fogartys prepare a wide assortment of meals, although their in-store menu changes daily.

“Breakfast is consistent, we prepare sausage, ham, bacon, eggs and cheese daily. Lunch is always new. Pulled pork is a community favorite, although we make brisket, smoked pulled chicken, various sandwiches, salads, baked beans and more, ”Gladys noted. The Fogartys have said their barbecue tastes better than most because of the rare and unique method they use.

“Our food is not cooked with propane, charcoal or gasoline. We let all of our homemade food and rubs marinate overnight, then smoke them only with apple wood. It creates amazing quality unlike the usual burnt or grilled taste. I find it funny because my wife doesn’t eat barbecue, but she will eat hers, ”said Thomas.

Crazy House Barbecue is open seven days a week, with an early morning start time at 7:30 a.m. and an afternoon closing at 2:30 p.m. rib dinner. “We’re not trying to hurt anyone’s pockets, we would like to do something for the community. A full meal that includes a sandwich, side dish of your choice and a drink costs $ 12 and we also have smaller portions. Gladys said.

Gladys has long been involved in the restaurant industry. Originally from Albany, Gladys has been involved in the restaurant industry for 30 years holding a multitude of jobs, including a stint of several years at Fort Drum for the Department of Labor. In 2005, Gladys took a position with KBR, a global engineering, construction, technology and services company, where she worked in Iraq, serving food to American soldiers. There was a twinkle in her eyes as Gladys spoke about her current accomplishments and what she had had to go through to get to this place.

“I’ve been doing this my whole life. For years, I have dreamed of owning my own restaurant. I had a serious motorcycle accident, but I’m fine now. I really appreciate my husband for helping me set this up, ”Gladys said.

Thomas, a retired electrician from Troy, personally handcrafted the entire Crazy House Barbecue mobile kitchen. The interior of Crazy House is fitted with tiled floors, ventilation, a double sink, a refrigerator and several burners, all connected to an external generator.

“Everything is done by hand, from the panels to the car. It’s my wife’s baby, I’m just happy to be a part of it,Thomas said.

The couple started their mobile catering business last June at the Harley Rendezvous Classic, an annual three-day event that attracts bikers from across the country. The event was held at the Indian Lookout Country Club in Pattersonville and was a success for the well-received barbecue offerings from the Fogartys. The reception prompted the Fogartys to vigorously seek a permanent location for their settlement. They surveyed the neighborhoods of their hometown of Schenectady to find a more permanent location for their food truck.

They found a home at Fratelli Fabrication Inc., a commercial metal fabrication company located on the extension of Maxon Road.

“Thank goodness for these boys. They recognized that we had a dream and were kind enough to help us make it come true. Gladys said.

The Bogdon brothers, Dante and Dylan, owners and operators of Fratelli Fabrication, allowed the Fogartys to park their mobile kitchen on their land.

“They are nice people and the food is good, really good,” said Dante.

“They haven’t made us pay anything yet. If we start doing well in a few months, we can give them some of the profits. Said Gladys. “We give them breakfast and lunch every day because we are so grateful to them.”

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