Money Frog, a new pan-Asian restaurant from the owners of Taurus Ox and Hangry Panda, opens on Capitol Hill

Money Frog, a new pan-Asian restaurant from the owners of Taurus Ox and Hangry Panda is now open on Capitol Hill. The restaurant is a place where Khampaeng Panyathong, one of the owners, says he wants people to start and end the night.

Unlike Taurus Ox, Panyathong’s small Lao counter, his new restaurant in the former Vios space at 903 19th Avenue East will provide plenty of room for diners to meet after their meal for a drink, which will soon be on the menu. He says the space can comfortably accommodate 70 people.

Joe and Lucy Ye, the other two owners (who also run Hangry Panda, a teriyaki and Taiwanese street food business in Greenwood) have joined Panyathong to create a menu full of creative dishes from all over Asia. Standouts include fried soft-shell chili crab, Mongolian sukiyaki beef, yakisoba cacio e pepe and, living up to the restaurant’s name, Cajun chicken fried frog legs served with jalapeno, fennel, miso-ginger vinaigrette and lemongrass ranch.

Seattle City Council considering ordinance to guarantee minimum wage for gig workers

Working Washington, one of the groups that lobbied for Seattle’s $15 minimum wage, campaigned this year to secure a guaranteed after-expenses minimum wage, among other protections, for food delivery drivers who use work platforms like Grubhub and Uber Eats.

The Ordinance for Construction Workers, which would guarantee a minimum wage after expenses, more transparency from companies about how much a worker will earn from a job and how long it will take, and more flexibility for workers on when they work, was officially introduced for City Council last week. The order is set to have a hearing before the Public Safety and Human Services Committee on April 12.

Campaign workers say they regularly earn less than the minimum wage from their job after accounting for expenses, that they often don’t know how much they will earn from a job until they take it, and that they are penalized for rejecting low-paying jobs on their platforms. In February, food delivery drivers brought 400 paper bags to Seattle City Hall, each labeled with receipts showing the actual dollar amounts the drivers earned on deliveries after expenses — some of which were negative numbers — to show how little drivers often earn delivering food in Seattle.

The owners of Café Petirrosso could open a restaurant in the central district

The owners of the now-closed Cafe Pettirosso, Miki and Yuki Sodos, recently purchased a building across from the Central District’s new Midtown Center development and are building a new bar, according to Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. The Sodas sisters’ beloved Italian cafe closed in February after 27 years in business.

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