Lauren Salzman Obtains Judge’s Permission to Sell House Near Former “Harem Enclave” Knox Woods – Frank Report



By Alison McClintock

Ex-Nxivm member Lauren Salzman, an admitted front-line DOS master who once had 21 “slaves” under her command, sells her home in Waterford, New York, with the approval of the Honorable Justice Nicholas Garaufis. This is the house where Salzman hosted a group of DOS recruits for a secret initiation ceremony attended by actress Sarah Edmondson, who tells her poignant story in HBO’s “The Vow”.

Salzman is awaiting conviction on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges related to Nxivm’s “sex slave case”. Despite her guilty plea, she faces up to 40 years in prison. However, as Salzman was a cooperating witness for the prosecution, they are expected to recommend leniency for her.

Sentencing guidelines would be between 3 and 5 years, but the judge is not required to follow the guidelines – in Clare Bronfman’s case, he chose to sentence her to three times the maximum of the sentencing guidelines of the trouble.

Significantly, however, Bronfman chose not to disown Raniere, while Salzman testified against him during his trial. This may have been factored into the fact that the judge allowed her to sell her house, despite it being used to ensure that she did not flee the jurisdiction of the court.

The farmhouse-style house at 21 Lape Road has been held on bail to secure his release.

“Ms. Salzman would like to be able to sell this property and use any excess proceeds from the sale to pay off existing debts and help cover her own living expenses,” says her request to change the bond.

A courtroom sketch shows Lauren Salzman at the stand as Judge Nicholas Garaufis holds court – and Keith Raniere takes notes in the foreground.

Judge Garaufis has always been kind to Salzman – such as when he interrupted his cross-examination at the Raniere trial because she was sobbing on the stand. “I am worried about his composure in this matter,” the judge explained to an apparently puzzled Mark Agnifilo.

Agnifilo, Raniere’s lawyer, had tried to grill Salzman over his involvement in the Raniere-led women’s group known as DOS before he was cut short by the judge.

She bought the house the same year DOS was said to have been established

Salzman, the daughter of Nxivm president and co-founder Nancy Salzman, purchased the four-bedroom, 1.5-bath home for $ 332,175 in the summer of 2015, and it was her primary residence in the years that preceded his arrest. (Another property she owns in Clifton Park is still included in her deposit).

The Nxivm women’s self-improvement group, DOS, aka The Vow, was formed in 2015. Trial prosecutors Keith Raniere alleged that Raniere formed the group that year as part of a project to provide him with a stream of submissive women. “

The house is located just a four-minute drive from “The Library,” a townhouse haunt where women are found. Keith Raniere frequently supervised his students. Although located in Waterford-Halfmoon, Lape Road borders the back of Knox Woods, the area where Raniere lived in a row house with several harem women, and among many others from his harem who have rented or bought townhouses in the subdivision in which he has lived for more than 20 years. [He later moved to a larger home just outside Knox Woods on Oregon Trial.]

Nxivm Knox Woods Google Maps Directions
“Physical proximity is crucial for Keith.” – Sarah Edmondson, in “Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM”. It was 4 minutes from Lauren Salzman’s house on Lape Road and the furnished “library” in Keith Raniere’s hot tub on Hale Drive. (via Google Maps)

Salzman’s offloading of the house takes away an asset that could have been seized to pay more than 80+ plaintiffs involved in a civil lawsuit against former Nxivm executives.

The current asking price is $ 374,900, per where it is listed by former Nxivm coach Franca DiCrescenzo, a real estate broker with Armida Rose Realty Group. Salzman already had a buyer online when she made her request to the judge, and the current status is listed as “Pending Sale”.

Former Best Friends – DOS “master” Lauren Salzman and “slave” Sarah Edmondson.

The house has hosted at least one DOS ceremony

Salzman testified that when the time came for her DOS slaves to be marked, she invited the women to her home for a secret initiation ceremony. One of those groups included actress Sarah Edmondson, along with four others.

Excerpt from Lauren Salzman’s testimony in court:

“I invited them to my house… I asked them to come at different times [15 minutes apart] so that they wouldn’t know who each other was, and I put them in different rooms in my house, and I asked them to undress and blindfold, and then I led them downstairs in my living room, where they sat in a circle, then they got to take off the blindfold and see each other, and I did a candle-lighting ceremony with them … to introduce them to their [slave] circle.

Then they got dressed. We all had dinner and we went to Allison’s [Mack]’s house to make the brand image. It was in March 2017.

As is known today, these women were not marked with Latin “symbols” representing the four elements as some of them claim to have been told – but with the initials of Keith Raniere.

Visit Lauren Salzman’s soon to be sold home

Lauren Salzman Nxivm House
“This cozy and charming farmhouse offers charm mixed with a modern aesthetic, all on 3.73 acres” – / Sarah Edmondson of The Vow says she attended a pre-branding initiation ceremony at this farm with Lauren Salzman and four other DOS women, as she writes in her book “Scarred: The True Story of How I Escaped NXIVM “.
The house has four bedrooms. / The night a group of Lauren’s slaves underwent her tagging ceremony, she ordered each of them to go alone to a bedroom, undress, and blindfold.
Another bedroom in the 1928 house.
“The interior has beautiful woodwork and hardwoods. – / Sarah Edmondson writes in her book that on the night she was marked, she was led up those stairs blindfolded, holding the hand of her master, Lauren Salzman.
Hall of the Lauren Salzman Nxivm House
This appears to be the hearth of the house to which Edmondson and other DOS women were led blindfolded on the night of a secret initiation ceremony.
Lauren Salzman Nxivm Kitchen
Sarah Edmonson writes that she was led through this kitchen to a seating area the night she was branded with Keith Raniere’s initials.
Lauren Salzman Salon
This could be the lounge / lounge area where Lauren Salzman held the pre-branding ceremony. Today, there is no sign of the sheepskin rug the women would have sat on during the event.
Lauren Salzman Nxivm modern addition
This seating area is part of the ‘owner modernized back addition with a clean modern touch and elegance, radiant warmth, new floor tiles, skylights, lighting and a new natural gas fireplace’ . –
The dining room. / Lauren Salzman and her DOS recruits had dinner together before leaving for Allison Mack’s house one fateful day in March 2017. They were then marked one by one with a cauterizing pen.
Lauren Salzman Nxivm house bonus room
Lauren Salzman’s house bonus / music room, soon to be sold.
Lauren Salzman Nxivm house for sale backyard seating
A seating area at the back
The grounds. “Stroll and enjoy the fresh flowers, sit on the back porch and overlook the gazebo and koi pond, detached two car garage with new concrete floor, heated barn for workshop, studio or office / business home.” –
The garden gazebo

When this sale is completed, another chapter will close in the story of Nxivm. The house where “the beginning of the end of Nxivm” began will become a place where a new family can bond and make memories.

For Lauren, she undoubtedly bought the house to have a home for herself and for the baby she believed Keith had promised to father for her. A source from Nxivm told Frank Report that she had reserved a room there for a nursery for the baby she never had.

And probably never will. Lauren is over 40 and Raniere will likely be incarcerated for the rest of his life.

There will be no happy sounds from the nursery and the dreams she had are shattered; 20 years of his life passed like a dream.

She doesn’t need a house anymore; she will soon be condemned and will probably be sent to a penitentiary, which some call the Big House.


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