Here’s where Ryan Reynolds likes to eat in Vancouver

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to naming his favorite Vancouver spots and has become something of a celebrity figurehead when it comes to championing his hometown’s delicious food and drink.

TV writer and Showbiz journalist Sam Cook took to Twitter to ask Reynolds for his top recommendations, and the actor/business owner did not disappoint.

For starters, no list of “Reynolds recs” would be complete without that of Minerva, who has been a Kerrisdale staple for decades and has received the actor’s love on multiple occasions.

Known for its delicious pizzas, steaks, and classic Greek dishes — and of course, for being the actor’s “all-time favorite” restaurant, it’s high time we all headed over to Minerva. If not for souvlaki, then for their beautiful star cocktails. (Do we feel a collab with Aviation American Gin?)

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Another Vancouver hotspot for lovers of traditional Italian fare – Ask for Luigi is another famous eatery that has earned Reynolds’ stamp of approval. And not just Ryan’s! Blake Lively also shouted out the restaurant in his Instagram story of his “4 favorite things in the world.”


Alongside Ask for Luigi is Ice Cream from Rain or Shine, which is coveted by Vancouverites no matter the season – and the likes of Kiernan Shipka too!

The homemade ice cream spot has dozens of locations scattered across Vancouver, but Reynolds seems biased to the one on 4th Avenue.

Sending the tweet, of course, is a classic bout of Ryan Reynolds humor. He says “the best bar in Vancouver” is none other than his own kitchen. Looks like we’ll have to wait patiently for this invitation.

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