Hannah Roberts wins fourth BMX freestyle park title

American feel Hannah Roberts won an unprecedented fourth BMX freestyle park title to the UCI Urban Cycling World Championships in Abu Dhabi on Sunday 13 November.

The Olympic silver medalist is the undisputed queen of BMX freestyle, now holding four of the five championship titles that have been contested since its inception in 2017.

Roberts has been a dominant force in the sport, announcing himself on the world stage at the first world championships at age 17 in 2017, followed by victories in 2019, 2021 and now 2022.

Roberts, 21, was again at the top of her game with a score of 87.20, more than three points ahead of her closest rival. Olympic bronze medalist, Nikita Ducarroz de France, was the second best runner of the day with 84.70. That of the Czech Republic Iveta Miculycova won the bronze medal with a score of 83.20.

The championships ended in disappointment for the British Olympic champion Charlotte Worthingtonwho had to settle for fifth place.

Results of the women’s BMX Park final:

  1. Hannah Roberts (USA) – 87.20
  2. Nikita Ducarroz (FRA) – 84.70
  3. Iveta Miculycová (CZE) – 83.20
  4. Kim Lea Muller (GER) – 79.00
  5. Charlotte Worthington (GBR) – 77.56
  6. Queen Villegas Serna (COL) – 77.40
  7. Perris Benegas (USA) – 76.00
  8. Minato Oike (JPN) – 75.40
  9. Angie Marino (USA) – 75.00
  10. Analia Gabriela Zacarias (ARG) – 73.40

Meanwhile, Japan Rim Nakamura won the men’s elite competition after dropping a 720 bar spin, tuck no-hander on his first run for a winning score of 93.80.

Nakamura, 20, won his first world title in front of a quality field that included the reigning Olympic and world champion. Logan Martin from Australia.

Former world champion Justin Dowell (91.50) of the United States finished second, with Antoine Jeanjean of France claiming third place with 91.20. Martin had to settle for sixth place with a score of 86.40.

Men’s BMX Park Final Results:

  1. Rim Nakamura (JPN) – 93.80
  2. Justin Dowell (USA) – 91.50
  3. Anthony Jeanjean (FRA) – 91.20
  4. Marcus Christopher (USA) – 90.26
  5. Jose Torres Gil (ARG) – 89.26
  6. Logan Martin (Australia) – 86.40
  7. Daniel Dhers (FRI) – 85.40
  8. Marin Ranteš (CRO) – 85.10
  9. Kenneth Fabian Tencio Esquivel (CRC) – 81.20
  10. Kieran Reilly (GBR) – 80.10

How do World Championships affect Olympic qualification?

Although there are two Paris 2024 quotas per gender available at the 2022 Urban Cycling World Championships, they will only be allocated based on the results of the Olympic Qualification Series (OQS) taking place in 2024.

The 2024 Olympic Qualification Series offers six quotas per gender to the top-ranked athletes by name. In the event that not all continents are represented following the OQS results, the first of the two remaining gender quotas will be awarded retrospectively to the highest ranked NOCs from a continent that has not yet qualified for the Games. , based on their performances at the 2022 Urban Cycling World Championships.

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