Features to look for when setting up the point of sale for your restaurant

A successful restaurant needs to focus far beyond having a few fantastic cooks to make good, finger-licking food. In addition to serving delicious and savory food to customers, a restaurant should also be well run in all respects, keeping customers at the heart of the center. After all, the customer is the king, and a king should be treated well.

But how do you improve the customer experience in your restaurant in addition to serving them good food and a good atmosphere? “By offering them the payment options of their choice. ” Yes, you heard right ! Enjoying delicious food just to realize that the restaurant doesn’t accept card payments can be quite frustrating and boring when you reach the bill counter.

Thus, it is essential to have a point of sale system in place for each restaurant so that the operations run smoothly and provide a memorable experience for your customers. But what are the things you should look for when buying from an outlet? Read on to familiarize yourself with a few of them:

Payment flexibility

The point of sale used in your restaurant should accept different types of customer payments rather than limiting them to a few options. The more payment methods, the more likely your sales will increase. That’s because when a customer knows you accept all payment methods, they won’t back down from your coffee shop for a relaxing pill.

Uses the latest technology

It’s as important to keep up with trends as it is to run a restaurant yourself. So, it is imperative to get a point of sale system for your restaurant that uses the latest version and can be updated if a need arises in the future.

Reliable customer service

Any machine can break or accumulate faults at one time or another. In such a case, the professionals of the company from which you bought your POS will intervene. But what if the customer service manager refuses or delays the offer of repair services?

You might encounter a lot of inconvenience and unhappy customers at the restaurant complaining about the scarcity of possible payment methods. Therefore, it is crucial to purchase point of sale systems from eposnow.com which offers excellent after-sales service and has a dedicated support team who are on their toes to provide just-in-time customer service.

Contactless payments

Touching the buttons to enter your credit or debit card PIN can be frustrating, especially in these tough times when people are trying to put COVID protocols into practice. You may see your customers make faces and feel irritated when you ask them to touch the point of sale keypad.

So setting up contactless payments that reads the chip etched on credit cards and debit cards, also known as EMVs, without forcing your customers to touch the machine can help you create happy customers. It should also be noted that such transactions are more secure and at the same time prove to be authentic.

Accepts online order payments

Ordering online and having your food delivered to your door is very trendy these days. Especially since the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on people’s health, people are considering ordering their food online at their favorite restaurants rather than dining out.

This has resulted in a remarkable increase in online orders for quite some time now. Thus, an online ordering solution is essential to fulfill such wholesale online orders. A point of sale that allows easy online payment options without taking a lot of time is essential for successful online order processing.

Bluetooth enabled invoice printing

Large billing systems not only take up huge space, but can also take a long time to process invoices. In today’s fast-paced world, no customer would like to wait long at the invoice counter.

All they would like to do is come in, show their card, swipe it, and make quick payments, which is not possible with a traditional payment system. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a epos for your restaurant whose printer is Bluetooth enabled to accept and process payments quickly in a flash.

Cloud telephony

The cloud has been in the news for a few years and is adopted by many companies. When you talk about running a restaurant or cafe that accepts orders online, there may be times when you may come across huge orders.

And, managing all the volume together can sometimes be difficult, which can also lead to payment failures or late payments, causing customer frustration and irritation. After that ?

You might find them canceling their orders and moving to another restaurant for food, which can result in a huge loss for your restaurant.

Therefore, getting a point of sale with cloud telephony is a primary consideration that you should look for so that even if the lines are busy, calls from another customer are transferred to a different line so that all of your customers are met and assisted.

Provides access to all data in real time

As the owner, you should always keep an eye on the performance of your restaurant. Therefore, deploying a point of sale system with the latest technology that displays alerts and real-time data can be your best bet. It can help you access all essential information and daily sales even remotely from your mobile device.

Gift vouchers and loyalty cards

Gift certificates, coupons, and loyalty cards have a lot to do with marketing and help make their customers feel valued. Customers who receive such coupons and cards can generate a lot of sales.

Make sure the outlet you choose for your coffee has full-fledged technology that sells and accepts those loyalty cards and vouchers.

Durability and fault tolerance functionality

There may be times when your internet connection is weak, which can lead to lower payments. In addition to Internet problems, your device may be the cause; in such a case, you would definitely like to own a point of sale with failover redundancy so that none of your transactions are missed.


Success and popularity don’t just come from what you serve on your customers’ plates, but also how you allow your customers to pay for their plate. So, make sure you have a dedicated point of sale with all of the essential features mentioned above to make your customers feel valued and come back to you whenever they feel like eating out.

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