Even non-football fans can have fun watching a Colts game



INDIANAPOLIS – The Colts have a game this weekend and we know people will find plenty of ways to enjoy it, from lookout nights to tailgates. But what about those who are not fans? What can they get out of sport?

While not for everyone, when watching a game there are parts of the atmosphere that can appeal to everyone. It may even pique your interest in finding out more.

“I think it’s a fun time for people to be able to express their emotions in a healthy way,” said Kimble Richardson, Certified Mental Health Advisor with the Community Health Network.

Richardson says enjoying a football game can be good for your mental health.

“I think anyone could benefit from being at a sporting event, even if you’re not that interested in the sport or that particular team.”

He says that not only does it get us out of the house and put us in a fun atmosphere, but it also gives us a chance to let out emotions.

“Sometimes when we keep feelings inside, I kind of go here, but they stay somewhere in our body… They end up coming out, and sometimes it’s not in a healthy way.”

Downtown Kilroy Operations Director Jade Sharpe said if a place like Kilroy is a regular draw, it will be on game days as well.

“If you were to go out to the bar on a Friday, Saturday night, or even a Tuesday to hang out with your friends, it would be the same thing,” Sharpe said.

“Maybe a little louder, a lot of people are rooting for their teams but it’s always going to be a good time.”

But not everyone likes the game.

“Overall it’s just not very interested,” said Sarah Galloway, who is not a huge football fan.

“Instead of being in a bar watching the game with a lot of people, I’d rather be at home watching it and not drinking and stuff.”

Sidney Mrak doesn’t like sports either, but as a District Tap server who works on game days, she says she can see the allure.

“When I go for a walk, I don’t really pay attention to the games when I am serving, but I will watch when everyone else is screaming to see what they are screaming about,” Mrak said.

Such curiosity can be the key to having fun. Richardson says don’t be afraid to ask questions and find out more.

“You know, with all the ribs and good-humored teasing that we have with opposing teams, it’s important to understand that you know, we’re all human, we all do good sports together and there’s really no room for bad sportsmanship.

Sports bar workers say the people who watch the games are generally friendly and open to questions.

A lot of people also say that being in the game takes the experience to a whole new level.


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