Dinner reservations, no problem! Adriaan Mol supports Formitable with 8 million euros to facilitate restaurant reservations

Waiting for the bill at your beloved restaurant after finishing that hearty meal can really be boring. Add to that the problems experienced by restaurant staff due to cash issues, non-working debit cards, wonky card machines, or malfunctioning smart devices. The payment process simply takes too long and does not contribute to a joyful and hospitable dining experience. Also, wouldn’t we like to be able to go out to eat without cash and pay online later.

A Dutch online reservation system designed to help hospitality businesses manage online reservations and marketing campaigns, Formitable has raised €8 million in funding to make it all possible. The investment comes from Adriaan Mol, the founder of Mollie and Messagebird.

The new funding will allow the startup to expand further in Europe. The company is currently active in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

Founded in 2017, the hospitality tech startup helps more than three thousand restaurants in fifteen European countries with reservation, ticketing and loyalty solutions. With its Table app, customers can easily discover and book restaurants and also pay for their meal afterwards.

Raymond Wilders, CEO of Formitable, said, “Our partnership with Adriaan allows us to continually improve our products, contributing to better customer experiences, increased revenue and sustainable growth for restaurants. In doing so, our ambition is to also become the market leader in Scandinavia and Germany, followed by the rest of Europe.

Funding comes from the MoI through its new investment vehicle Spacetime. With the new agreement, Mol and Formitable also extend their existing partnership to focus on product development and international expansion. Formitable and Mol plan to create a system for restaurants and their customers, in which after booking and visiting the restaurant, payment is made without interruption.

Adriaan Mol said: “Before Formitable was created, booking, ticketing and loyalty systems were often confusing and outdated. Traditional software doesn’t give restaurants the simplicity and service they deserve. Formitable has disrupted the market by providing restaurants with next-generation tools that allow them to focus on their customers and grow their business. I look forward to continuing to innovate together and creating products and services that help restaurants move forward and optimize the customer experience at the same time.

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