Detroit family bakery voted best chocolate chip cookies

The holiday season is sure to bring you all those delicious seasonal treats. By January, the name of the game is eating, so why not be sure to include Michigan’s best chocolate chip cookies on the menu?

Chocolate chip cookies seem to be the mainstay when it comes to the family’s favorite to make and eat. When your cooking skills aren’t quite up to snuff, the local bakery is the next choice to score those delicious chocolate treats. While there are amazing bakeries across the state, one bakery in Detroit has earned the honor of “The best chocolate chip cookies” in the state.

According to the Tasting Table website, the best chocolate cookies in Mitten State are found in Detroit at a family bakery named Do you treat the dough. Aside from the too-cute name, this bakery has landed a spot on the list compiled by Tasting Table as the star when it comes to chocolate chip cookies.

According to Tasting Table, Do you treat the dough offers an assortment of ready-made treats from scratch right in the heart of the Motor City. A family business with humble beginnings in 2018, baking in their home for the community, the bakery expanded to brick and mortar just two years ago.

What made Taste You Batter stand out from other bakeries in the state when it comes to chocolate chip cookies? According to Tasting Table,

“Chocolate chip cookies are more than soft and chewy. If you prefer your cookies half-baked rather than crispy, these are the desserts for you. The chocolate chips are perfectly melted, providing a rich and sumptuous experience in every bite. If you’re craving something even tastier, Nutella-Stuffed Cookies are another great option.”

Ready to try them? Visit them at 6915 Greenfield Road in Detroit Monday through Saturday.

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