Customer says ‘I’d rather die’ after visiting Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Budapest

Photo: Instagram/Tripadvisor

Jamie Oliver is a household name in the culinary world. From cooking videos on YouTube to owning restaurants around the world, the chef has touched every space of the kitchen world. However, that doesn’t make it immune to bad reviews. Recently, Jamie Oliver’s Diner in Budapest got a bunch of bad ratings. A customer said he would rather die than return to the restaurant.

The savage review on Tripadvisor said: “I thought Jamie Oliver was famous for helping kids eat better in food cafeterias. Well, probably he did. All the bad food he took to the cafeteria that he brought to the table of this restaurant (sic).”

The customer added: “The salads were sweet, the sweet potatoes looked like they were made from cake batter, and the sauces were sweet. I will send my hospital the diabetes bill. This restaurant was truly an experience. asked if I would repeat it I will gladly say: I prefer to die.

Jamie Oliver39s Dinner in Budapest
Photo: Tripadvisor

Well, there were more reviews of the same tone.

One said: “Drinks arrived wrong and had to wait for them to be changed. It took 1h20 for the food to arrive. No service! Food overcooked. Don’t waste your time.”

A third person wrote, “I waited over an hour and a half for a burger, fries and chicken dishes. When it finally arrived the chicken was raw, bloody and cold inside. The food and service is an insult to the food industry and surely has nothing to do with the man himself Jamie Oliver. The sets may look nice but believe me, avoid this place like the plague – it’s terrible! (sic)”

Another customer warned people against visiting the restaurant. “Avoid this place like the plague,” the boss wrote. Another person called it the “worst restaurant in Budapest”.

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