City of Perry to help fill vacancies with restaurant career fair


PERRY, Georgia – The City of Perry is preparing a restaurant career fair to help businesses fill vacancies due to labor shortages at businesses in central Georgia.

Orders always arrive quickly, but the queue of workers is slow.

“We’ve had a hard time finding staff lately, finding it,” Schultze owner Eric Schultz said of the shortage.

At Schultze, you might see Eric Schultz doing it all.

“On Friday and Saturday nights, you might see me or my wife here picking up ice cream or talking to customers, mostly as the head dishwasher,” he said.

At The Perfect Pear, Megan Brent says she’s just afraid of being fully staffed, which could change the way she does business.

“As a business owner, I am working to reorganize the structure of my business because it has changed so much due to COVID. Just things that are a little more profitable. We are planning next year to go to the fair counter. because of the lack of help, and we just want to be smart but above all profitable, ”explained the owner of the company.

The two restaurants have a common need.

“We are looking for front-end servers and cooks,” said Schultz.

The town of Perry has a plan to attract more applicants – they are hosting a career fair with competitive salaries.

“You have to be competitive with what you offer, and if you are not competitive or don’t have a good working environment, it will be more difficult to find a job,” said Schultz.

The two owners hope to find someone who fits.

“Sometimes what happens is you think you’ve found the person, and something happens, she doesn’t show up for the interview. She shows up for the interview, you think it happened. went well and she didn’t show up for work, ”Brent explained.

For Schultz and Brent, they are ready to take a chance.

The town of Perry said restaurants would offer wages of up to $ 17 an hour. The job fair takes place next Wednesday at the Perry Events Center from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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