Chef who worked with Heston Blumenthal uses new restaurant to showcase Welsh cuisine

A talented chef uses his new restaurant to showcase delicious Welsh cuisine. Nick Rudge worked with Heston Blumenthal at Fat Duck near London before branching out and opening his new restaurant called The Jackdaw in the heart of historic Conwy.

Now, the 28-year-old offers a tasting menu to stimulate the taste buds of his growing clientele. He told North Wales Live: “The main theme or concept for the tasting menu would be Wales, so we would be using a lot of Welsh ingredients, for example fruit that is only found in that part of the world. , such as Bardsey apples, Denbigh plums and Damons from Abergwyngregyn.”

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Tapping into Welsh culture is another theme for Nick, from Llandudno. He said: “We will also discover old Welsh recipes and folk stories and use the environment as inspiration.

“For example, there will be Lob(ster)scaws, Lamb Cawl, Gynwys and a dessert called Blaenau Slate inspired by the slate landscape of North Wales.” The tasting menu can be booked via the restaurant’s website without prepayment necessary.

So like a normal meal, the diners would have the food and then pay. However, there is only one sitting per service, so once you are seated you have the table to enjoy and relax for a good few hours if you wish.

The dining room of The Jackdaw restaurant in Conwy High Street.

It was at the three Michelin star Fat Duck in Bray near Slough in Berkshire that Nick worked with the famous Blumenthal. And during the lockdown, Nick ran a takeaway service from Llandudno, serving beef Wellington and other dishes, which proved hugely popular.

Last October he opened The Jackdaw, based on the traditional name given to anyone born within the city walls of Conwy. The location – on the first floor above a former bingo hall – has housed various businesses over the years. It was a bistro called The Tudor Room, then an Indian restaurant, then Amélie’s bistro and a cafe.

The Jackdaw restaurant is on the first floor of this building in Conwy High Street.
The Jackdaw restaurant is on the first floor of this building in Conwy High Street.

Downstairs is the old Palace bingo where unfortunately the numbers have not been called for several years. The Jackdaw tasting menu costs £55 per person.

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