Black Lives Better Gathering in Montgomery Promotes Positivity and Prayer



MONTGOMERY, Alabama (WSFA) – The death of George Floyd has sparked more than two weeks of Black Lives Matter protests in all 50 states. The protests in Montgomery remain largely peaceful.

Saturday evening, a rally began on the steps of the capital. The protesters, alongside members of the Montgomery Police Department, knelt and prayed for exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the same time a knee was placed on George Floyd’s neck.

“I think God brought out the right people here who were going to kneel down and pray, and God heard our prayers because the way I feel now, I feel good,” one protester said.

After prayer on the steps, activists marched peacefully along historic Dexter Avenue and made their way to the fountain in Court Square. During their stay, the participants danced and listened to music. The organizers of the event said the event was about togetherness and sharing positive energy.

“We wanted to come out in a different direction, a direction of love, a direction of understanding and peace,” said Marc Simplice, organizer of Black Lives Better.

“What we wanted to do today is bring the people of the community together in unity and love and spread pretty much a positive message around that there are things that can improve. our community and that we can be and be a part of, ”said Black Lives. Best organizer Khalil Watts.

While other major cities continue to experience violence and looting, this was not the case during Saturday night’s event.

“Rather than just regular protests and everyone going home,” Simplice said. “We want to entertain people. We want to give them back that old, backyard family feeling.”

The rally was led by the organization “Black Lives Better”, with support from other black-owned businesses and other community initiatives.

“I came out today to give positive support to a positive event,” said Greshun De Bouse, founder of Knee Off my Neck Coalition. “I want the community to come together and just try to move forward in a gradually positive way.”

The organization plans to hold a “Sunday Service” event on the capital city steps on Sunday.

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