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The idea came to Esparza a few years ago, after her marriage in Lake Tahoe. While in the mountain town, he noticed several indoor golf courses, which are in high demand in the area due to the weather. Shortly after returning to Southern California, a rainy day ruined the Downey native’s departure time, and he told his wife, Jasmine, that he wished there was a bar. local indoor golf course.

“And here we are, three years later,” Esparza said. “It took a while but it’s done.”

The owners / operators enlisted Jasmine’s two sisters, Tiffany Hernandez and Samantha Ortiz, to help them run the business. Hernandez, who worked as a bartender in three of the “The 50 best restaurants in the world”—Employees Only and Cosme in New York and Callooh Callay in London — is the beverage manager, while Ortiz is the bartender.

Birdies n Brews Beverage Manager Tiffany Hernandez, left, owner / operator Andrew Esparaza and bartender Samantha Ortiz sip their drinks inside the new indoor golf bar in downtown Long Beach on Tuesday 28 September 2021. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

Birdies n Brews offers two golf simulators that cost $ 25,000 each. The platforms include a projector, a system that tracks all aspects of the golfer’s swing – club speed, angles, etc. – as well as contact with the ball and the subsequent speed and trajectory of the ball.

The balls are hit on the big screen which shows the virtual golf course. The virtual ball moves according to real-time readings from the tracking system, with near 100% accuracy, while providing swing data, Esparza said.

In addition to the basic driving range setting, the system offers games such as target shooting and over 40 golf courses, including popular locations like the famous Monterey County Pebble Beach course. Guests can play the whole course or single holes, like the beautiful 7th at Pebble Beach, which SB Nation calls a architectural miracle.

“There are some PGA Tour courses that you probably would never get to play on in real life,” Esparza said, “but you can play them here.”

The departure time is paid by the hour: $ 35 per hour for the first person, plus $ 10 for each additional person.

A two-cheese, two-meats and three-spiced loaf of charcuterie board at Birdies n Brews in downtown Long Beach on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

The bar offers basic dishes such as fries and sweets, but also high-end snacks including hummus with pita bread and charcuterie boards with up to three different meats and cheeses, crackers, nuts , grapes and jam. Hernandez said she would also like to add a vegan “hot dog” to the menu in the future.

And the bar wouldn’t be a bar without a wide range of alcoholic drinks. For the beer selection, Hernandez said she emphasizes local and national breweries.

“I made a point of … finding brands that are either [people of color]-, brewed and owned by women or LGBTQ, ”Hernandez said, noting that their bar is family and Latinx owned. “It’s really important for me to be able to showcase the people in our community.

With a background in high-end cocktails, Hernandez takes particular pride in its low-ABV craft drinks. The menu includes a volley of three hand-made spicy loaves that are mixed with SouthNorte’s Sea Señor Mexican Lager. Rojo is a blend of Roma tomato, orange pepper and Valentina Hot, soy and Worcestershire sauces. Verde loaf is a blend of cilantro, tomatillo, green pepper, jalapeño and chili poblano sauce. And the habanero loaf includes Jamaican roja tuna, guava mash, habanero, and lemon.

Birdies n Brews Beverage Director Tiffany Hernandez puts beer in her three spicy homemade loaves on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

Hernandez also created the Caddy Coffee, which features Irish beer reduction, Amaro cold brew, Ibarra Mexican chocolate, and coconut mousse. The coffee drink is available in standard and mini size.

Going forward, once the bar gets its liquor license, Hernandez said it will feature a cocktail program and wine list.

Of course, there are concerns when it comes to drinking alcohol and then swinging metal golf clubs in a confined space, Esparza said. While drinking has become synonymous with sports among amateurs, there is much more space on an actual course, he said, noting that the bar will monitor its golfers’ level of alcohol consumption even more than it does. ‘a normal bar.

Birdies n Brews Caddy Coffee features Irish stout beer reduction, Amaro cold brew, Ibarra Mexican chocolate and coconut mousse. Photo by Brandon Richardson.

While Esparza is concerned about the safety of swing clubs, he said he is not worried about dishonest balls causing injury or damage, with the exception of holes in the ceiling, which were the only one victim when golfers hit badly. There is a net on the other side of the tiles, he said, to prevent the bullets from traveling further, adding that the ceiling tiles are “quite cheap”.

Additional ceiling tiles will come in handy as the space has already proven popular among novices. “I’ve had a ton of new golfers here already trying to get a feel for the game,” Esparza said. “Maybe they were too embarrassed to go to a real golf course, but it’s a really friendly environment.”

“Golf can be elitist and not inclusive,” Hernandez added. “It can be intimidating, so learning in this relaxed way, I think, will allow a more diverse audience to enjoy the sport. And that’s the way it should be.

Birdies n Brews is located at 90 E. 4th St. and is open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday.

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