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For Father’s Day last weekend, and on other occasions, I received T-shirts with my favorite character on them: Snoopy. The vast majority of these T-shirts happen to be blue, my favorite color. So this time Snoopy stands with slanted eyes and a big smile holding a flowerpot with a small tree twig on which his (and my) buddy, Woodstock, is perched, singing a happy note. The message printed on the shirt is, “There is always something to be thankful for…”

When I was thinking about what to write in this column, this T-shirt came to my mind and rather than resorting to a scathing attack on actions taken by various politicians (and others) why not mention a few recent events here qualify as something for which I am grateful.

One of the first things that came to my mind was what I had thought I would write some time ago about the horror of this mural on the side of the Varsity Pub (Corner Bar), but I was saved from this scenario by the now superseded second edition. from the painting by Terence Fogarty, “The spirit of sport”. Maybe I can even wish they found some sort of protective coating that will help preserve its characters and colors. I am thankful that the other two murals on Third and Fourth Streets do not face the sun.

Not far from the spirit of sport is the Memorial Park with both its tribute to September 11 and its tribute to our military heroes: the Veterans Memorial Park. If you are using Google 9/11 Memorial Park, be sure to add in your address: Marshall, MN. Yes it is there and you can also find information on the Veterans Memorial Park. While the Fagan Fighters aren’t quite a Marshall group, they are certainly in the area and did a great overview when the Veterans Park opened.

Liberty Park and Memorial Park have both benefited from individual contributions in addition to the great support of the community. Individual donors to both parks are themselves commemorated by brick pavers with special bricks also donated to the Veterans Memorial Park: truly showing the great spirit of the Marshall people.


Another major project that is nearing completion in Marshall is New Town Hall which will result in improved function and appearance. This project was not without its headaches, but the perseverance of our municipal staff and our elected officials was worth it.

The continuous improvements to our utilities are a little less noticeable just by looking around. These improvements should also be remembered as improving the environment as the city reduces its releases of chloride into downstream waters. (I hope I’m right!) I remember thinking last year, when Texas had so many problems with its electrical systems, how grateful I was for the planning over many years that has taken place. kept our distribution systems up to date.

Another element of improvement that many people may not have noticed is the improvement of the toilets in the various parks in the city. Buildings now seem easier to clean and hopefully citizens will react accordingly by keeping them that way.

Although slightly inconvenienced from time to time, with street repairs and infrastructure maintenance – I foresee better First Street, Camden Drive and Country Club Drive and associated areas.


One of the great feelings I have for this community is due to the cooperation of public and private entities as well as to the many volunteers who do so much. The help of the YMCA and volunteers with education and sport is a good example. Coming Up is a community activity that has been running for many years, the Farmer’s Market which depends on government donations as well as the parking lot of the Schwan, the YMCA and other volunteers. The activities offered are also an asset for the community throughout the summer.

A similar volunteer cooperation is involved in the Bread and Fish program providing many weekly meals in the area. Churches in general offer many activities for their members as well as for the inhabitants of the region.

The folks at Park & ​​Rec have also helped organize the cleanup of some of our parks and public areas to reduce litter issues.


The Marshall Area Senior Center survived the pandemic and is now moving from virtual programs to more in-person programs as the Marshalls have continued to get vaccinated.

Finally, my apologies if I left out any of your favorite programs that you are grateful for. I’m sure Snoopy thanks you for all the best wishes.

Until next time: Oh, Fiddlesticks!

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