Arsenal legend Thierry Henry banned for life from Gunners fan pub in America

While Thierry Henry may be forever welcomed with open arms at Arsenal, a mad American Gunners pub has actually banned the legend from the club for life.

The French striker is considered one of the north London side’s greatest ever players, helping them win two Premier League titles and two FA Cups in eight sensational seasons.

With 228 goals to his name, Henry remains Arsenal’s top scorer and will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the Gunners for his exploits during the club’s ‘Invincibles’ campaign.

However, despite being adored by Arsenal fans from afar, the club icon is barred from entering San Francisco-based Gunners-obsessed boozer Maggie McGarry.

Thierry Henry is banned from an Arsenal fan pub in America

Despite his heroism with Arsenal, Henry is banned from the North Beach bar due to his past transgressions while on international duty with France in 2009.

A plaque proudly displayed at the Irish-owned establishment lists the famous striker as one of three players – alongside Roy Keane and Stephen Ireland – ‘not welcome’ at McGarry for their indiscretions involving the Irish national team.

Beneath a signed image of Henry, a note read: ‘Deliberately manipulated twice, then celebrated as if nothing had happened, as William Gallas scored the winner with his handball pass.’ Ireland missed the World Cup.

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Maggie McGarry's is a San Francisco-based Gunners-obsessed boozer
Maggie McGarry’s is a San Francisco-based Gunners-obsessed boozer

The description is then followed by the words: ‘The Cheats’.

Those at Maggie McGarry’s – a local haunt for the Bay Area Gooners that is full of Arsenal memorabilia – remain clearly aggrieved by Henry’s infamous handball which denied the Boys in Green a place at the 2010 World Cup.

At least he’s not the only one exiled, with Manchester United legend Keane banned due to his misconduct at the 2002 World Cup while the former Manchester City and Stoke Ireland midfielder is banned following lies about his grandmother who died in 2007.

A TV capture shows France striker Thierry Henry handling the ball next to Ireland’s Paul McShane during the game

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The versatile sports bar is also often frequented by the San Francisco Manchester City Blues, a fan club dedicated to star-studded Premier League champions Pep Guardiola.

However, while the two rival groups of supporters are ready to put their differences aside and share the joint in harmony, it seems a less friendly approach has been taken with Henry.

What happened to forgive and forget?

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