Arossim has a dazzling expanse of white crystal sand with green palm trees.

Surrounded by soft white sand, Arossim is another small beach in South Goa that will definitely win your heart with enduring beauty and the warm water of the beach soothes the crazed soul. The refreshing and exotic site, this beach in Goa stretches around the village of Cansaulim and neighboring Majorda and Utorda. The beach has its charm which adds marvelous beauty to its coastline. While browsing the other beaches in South Goa, you can discover that Arossim has a dazzling expanse of crystal white sand with dense green palm trees and those vibrant fishing boats crossing the rushing waves in the ocean create an exquisite scene.

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Visit this beautiful beach to unveil the pristine splendor of nature with some small shops and houses, also for travelers the “starfish” hut is the call center here. Indeed, an ultimate vacation spot in South Goa for every type of traveler to stay for a few days and enjoy the amazing vibes that will help them cherish their vacation.

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Huts at Arossim Beach Goa
Adorned with old structured huts, will offer you the utmost relaxation, an exemplary place to escape the busy cities and their crazy hectic life, these huts serve the best refreshing drinks to the visitors. Moreover, tourists can easily laze around this serene beach under the rays of the sun, enjoy authentic snacks and drinks, swim or enjoy water sports. A few very popular shacks in Arossim where travelers can have their best fun are Venus Beach Shack, Aaron’s Beach Shack, and Starfish Beach Shack.


Things to do around Arossim Beach Goa
In Arossim, tourists looking for adventure and thrills can satisfy their desires by indulging in exciting water activities. There are some super awesome activities like parasailing, wind and water surfing, jet skiing and especially boating which is best enjoyed at dusk.

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Restaurants at Arossim Beach
Here, one cannot help but try delicious and mouth-watering seafood. Arossim has few sophisticated restaurants and restaurants in the luxury resorts present in the area. Well, interesting and warm vibes and soothing music in the repurposed decorations will undoubtedly melt your heart. To savor the lip-smacking Goan cuisine, visit some of the mentioned restaurants to taste the most amazing dishes in such an enticing destination like Cabana, Mango Restaurant, Da Luigi, Forrest, Resto Bar, Chutney and Casa Sarita.

Arossim Beach Hotels
Arossim is surrounded by luxurious resorts, and this is the best part for tourists who come here from distant places, to meet the calm and stillness of nature. Plus, the resorts in Arossim are super awesome, with plenty of lavish facilities and warm hospitality. In these places, one can relish lip-smacking dishes and delicious seafood. Heritage Village Club 3, Treehouse Nova Hotel, Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa, Planet Hollywood Goa Beach Resort, Hotel Pristine Resort and Kenilworth Beach Resort & Spa.

Shopping in Arossim Beach
There are no large shopping arcades in Arossim. For shopping trips, it is advisable to visit the local market of Betalbatim or that of Cansaulim. Here, one can easily find basic necessities or souvenirs. But to experience any kind of lavish shopping, Arossim might not be your place.

Nightlife around Arossim Beach
Around Arossim, it is quite difficult to find crazy party atmospheres; this beach is not made for that. Arossim is indeed an absolute beach to immerse yourself in nature; a secluded walk around the serene and peaceful shore feels more like therapy. Arossim Beach in South Goa offers a refreshing new experience to its visitors surrounded by many other beaches. Party lovers can look at its nearby beaches like Majorda, Cansaulim or Utorda. Arossim also has its own luxurious beach which offers live music events or other things to enjoy the charming beauty of the twilight hours!

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