6 must-try dishes at the Taste of Calgary this year (PHOTOS)

Taste of Calgary 2022 is almost here!

Returning for its 25th year, Taste of Calgary will take place over four days, August 4-7, with free admission, beer gardens and some of the best food YYC has to offer in one place.

It’ll be the same tasty event Calgarians know and love, but in an exciting new location — the Calgary Parking Authority’s Lot 6.

We can’t wait, especially since the menus for this year’s event have just been announced.

There will be returning favorites like Bannock Platter with Berry Sauce from Kokom’s Bannock Kitchen, Spicy Chicken and Cheese Sesame Fritter from Pure Modern Asian Kitchen and Jerk Tofu from Simply Irie, to name a few. name a few.

What’s incredibly exciting year after year is discovering new dishes to try.

Here are six new dishes from this year’s Taste of Calgary that you must try.

Maritime Lobster Roll

Blowers and Grafton

Taste of Calgary/Blowers and Grafton

Blowers & Grafton is a street food restaurant and bar inspired by the east coast of Canada.

This year, the team will present the best of a maritime staple: the decadent lobster roll.

The creamy



Taste of Calgary / CHUNK’D

Known for their chunky cookies filled with M&M’s, chocolate chips, candy-coated chunks and peanut butter cups, the team will be serving up one of the line’s most popular cookies: The Creamy One.

It’s a creamy monster stuffed with cookies and cream.

Crispy Buffalo Chick’n Burger (vegan)

V Burger

Taste of Calgary

Taste of Calgary/VBurger

Offering 100% plant-based dishes, such as burgers, fries, drool-worthy milkshakes, sundaes, soft cones and even cookie ice cream sandos, the team has something special in store for you. the gourmet festival.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover, you should seek out this new Crispy Buffalo Chick’n Burger.

Cotton candy ice cream

Foothills Creamery

Foothills Creamery

Taste of Calgary/Foothills Creamery

Foothills Creamery is a well-known ice cream brand and what sweeter way to cool down at the festival than with a cotton candy flavored option.

Canadian boreal gin

The Fort Distillery

Taste of Calgary

Taste of Calgary/The Fort Distillery

Sure, it might not technically be a food dish, but it’s still a great product and a great reason to get excited.

If you’re looking for a unique local alcoholic beverage to sip, look no further.

Soft pretze with 5 cheesesI

Fantastic donuts and pretzels

Fantastic donuts and pretzels

Taste of Calgary / Fantastic Donuts and Pretzels

The family-run donut and pretzel shop has been around for four years now, and it’s built up a nice following.

The restaurant returns for another year with the same dish: the delicious and extravagant soft pretzel made with five different kinds of cheese.

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